• Camp Xyrena - Extrait de Parfum
  • Camp Xyrena - Extrait de Parfum

Camp Xyrena - Extrait de Parfum

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Capturing the many facets of the classic camping experience in a single wearable fragrance was no easy task, but like the final girl in a summer-camp horror flick, we were up for the challenge. After many formula iterations, we found the perfect balance, and Camp Xyrena was finally ready to be opened to the public. The fragrance is built on a wilderness accord of cedarwood, pine, sandalwood, and warm styrax resin with notes of damp earth, leaves, and ozone, plus a generous amount of birch tar oil so you can literally smell the smoky campfire. This woody base is then fused with a gourmand s’more accord of cinnamon graham cracker, melted milk chocolate, and toasted marshmallow, resulting in an unbelievably smooth fragrance that still maintains a consistent nature vibe without smelling synthetic. A modest amount of Iso E Super was added to enhance the cedar and pine notes and the warmth of the fragrance overall.


On both skin and clothing, Camp Xyrena dries down to the cozy, immediately recognizable yet hard-to-describe scent most of us just refer to as “that post-camping smell.” Whether you want to recall your fondest camping memories, transport yourself to Camp Crystal Lake (sans blood) for a Friday the 13th marathon, or wrap yourself in a comfy, aromatic nature blanket for any occasion, Camp Xyrena is an essential addition to your perfume library.


Xyrena produces both avant-garde and highly wearable modern fragrances, along with those that fall somewhere in between. Fragrance preference is entirely subjective; however, we provide our assessment of wearability below.

Balanced Unconventional: This fragrance focuses on unconventional notes, yet maintains a balance that is generally pleasant and inoffensive.


🐰 Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny®

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The Only Realistic Campfire Scent

Out of my 200+ bottle collection, no fragrance smells like this (although I’m learning all Xyrenas seem to be this way). If I had to pick, the “closest” (but still not alike) frags might be A City On Fire or By the Fireplace, but this blows them away. Completely realistic campfire/woods/s’mores combo with the perfect ratio of each. Great for wearing all year round; either camping in the Spring/Summer, marathoning Friday the 13th in the Fall, or wanting to feel one with that amazing firewood-in-the-air smell in the Winter. Thank you Xyrena!

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This one was an instant love

This one was an instant love, as i imagined great for the cool fall and winter weather. It definitely stands out in my collection. Nothing like it.

I think it's perfect for fall and winter smells

I think it's perfect for fall and winter smells

I have purchased multiple scents from Xyrena…

I have purchased multiple scents from Xyrena but this one has to be my unexpected favorite. This perfume has notes of forest trees, a smokey camp fire, and the sweetness of graham crackers from building s’mores. This fragrance elicits the smell of sleep away camp and transports you to Camp Crystal Lake (without the risk of getting murdered)